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LG And Google Partner Up For Upcoming Tablet

So far Google has only worked with HTC and Samsung to bring outstanding handsets to its consumer base. Google has also always made their phones ship out without carrier “bulk” so users can enjoy the maximum benefits of their new piece of hardware coupled with the Android operating system, and nothing more. A number of people have been speculating that Google will couple their brilliant “no frills” experience to the tablet PC market, once again giving consumers exactly what they need.

According to CrunchGear and Mobile Review, “Google has contacted LG about creating the future reference Android tablet. The device would be released to developers by midsummer.” The tablet, dubbed “G-Slate” has some very tempting specs. It carries an 8.9-inch HD display with 3D capabilities. Users will be able to enjoy their favorite movies and shows through 720P HD as well as get 1080p HD/3-D content through HDMI or other playback devices. The tablet will carry a 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor with enhanced 3D support. It comes with Flash player of course, as well as WiFi, and adaptive lighting. LG will supply the device with robust dual-cameras for 1080p HD 3-D video capture. The main camera is 5MP and front-facing camera is 2MP. LG has also mentioned that this will be the perfect device for reading, slamming competitors Barnes & Noble and Amazon dead in their tracks. Again, Google will be revamping the current G-Slate and putting yet another one of their official rubber stamps on the beautiful device. Check out the video below to see the G-slate commercial.

Photo Courtesy of LEGPR
Photo Courtesy of Jake Maymar