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LG Optimus Big Due In April

A few months ago, LG showed us the Optimus Black, and next in the lineup appears to be the Optimus Big. The name comes from the 4.3″ screen, and will be available in Korea this April. When everyone else will get it is unclear. Like the Optimus Black, the Big uses a NOVA panel which uses 50% less power than a normal LCD screen, but still shows displays at 700nits brightness–which is excellent. Hooray for green technology!

The Big will probably run Android 2.2 at launch, with an upgrade available to Android 2.3 Gingerbread. More rumored specs: the phone is believed to be equipped with a 1GHz single core processor and a T-DMB tuner. The latter is a mobile TV broadcast device used only in Korea. The T-DMB tuner–plus the fact that the phone’s carrier will be LG’s own U+ network, which is also only in Korea–makes the phone seem very Korea specific, and it would definitly have to go through some changes before leaving the country, so don’t hold your breathe. However reviews enjoyed the Black, and with all the buzz about the Big it seems unreasonable to LG to not release it internationally.

What do you think? Is LG on to something, do you think the Big should be available in your country?

Photo Courtesy of John Karakatsanis
Photo Courtesy of Isriya