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Nintendo 3DS Gets “Black Screen Of Death”

With the launching of the Nintendo 3DS, there came a number of users who encountered a fatal error message. Unfortunately the fatal error message is spontaneous, so there are not steps one can do to try to avoid the crash, such as turning a setting on or off. Currently there are only a minority of players experiencing this problem and some are hoping that Nintendo will be able to release a patch to fix it. Some users mentioned reformatting their SD card to FAT32 to solve the problem.

If you’re tech savvy, we welcome you to try the reformat, otherwise it’d be best to leave it to the “big boys”, Nintendo. It’s also possible that you can get a refund if you take the error message back to where you bought it, however, the store might just go ahead and manually reset it for you. Nintendo’s website recommends doing a hard reset as well:

The system freezes (locks-up) and won’t power off

What to do:
Press and hold the POWER Button down until the system powers off. Then power the system back on.

Still Not Resolved:
The system will need to be repaired. To start the repair process, click here.

Photo Courtesy of David Lea
Photo Courtesy of John Karakatsanis