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Nokia Sues Apple For 46 Patents

Nokia has claimed that it filed a second patent infringement against Apple with the U.S. International Trade Commission. The claim accuses Apple of violating multiple Nokia patents in Apple’s iPod, iPhone, Macs, and iPads. Nokia says that seven of their patents have been violated in areas of multi-tasking operating systems, data synchronization, positioning, call quality, and use of Bluetooth accessories. Interestingly enough, Nokia had previously filed a claim against Apple which was found by the ITC to be inapplicable.

Nokia also claims that with their latest lawsuit, they now have 46 Nokia patents that have been infringed by Apple. The company insists that many of their patents were filed more than ten years before Apple’s first iPhone. They insist on being a leading innovator of technology needed to build revolutionary mobile products and Apple must stop building their products upon Nokia’s technology. Following this quarrel, shares of both Nokia and Apple took a dip at around 1% each. What do you guys think? Is Nokia just fishing around in hopes of winning a lawsuit or do you think they genuinely feel ripped off? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo Courtesy of John Karakatsanis
Photo Courtesy of yto