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How To Root Your Motorola Xoom, The Easy Way

Many of you have heard of jailbreaking/rooting and want to try the method for yourself but aren’t too familiar with programming or hacking. Well, now there is an Android application that will allow you to get the most out of your device without having to sweat the details.

Although this easier method does exist, users beware that if something does go wrong, you must take responsibility for the matter and get another one out of your own pocket. Rooting a device voids the warranty, so be aware of the risks involved. See video below for WiFi Only model. IntoMobile also mentions that there are two different installation files. One allows you root/unroot the device and the other only allows to root. The root-only program is a lot smaller of a file but the unroot option does not work, so if you think you might have doubts later down the road, opt for the larger install.

IntoMobile’s Instructions:

Go into Settings > Applications> Development> and make sure that USB Debugging has been checked.
To use (Windows only):

Download the file of your choice
Unzip the file to a directory.
Double click on the RootMyXoom EXE file
Follow the instructions.
You’re done!
All files can be found at the XDA thread below, so get to it!

Photo Courtesy of Sekimura
Photo Courtesy of OpenExibits

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