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Yahoo! Messenger Censors Links

Yahoo! Messenger has taken it upon itself to censor links from FilesTube. If your try to send a FilesTube link to one of your contacts, it won’t get to its destination, instead it gets lost and disappears into the internet. Neither the sender or the recipient are alerted to this “feature,” or given an explanation.

FilesTube is a search site that allows you to locate downloadable content for file sharing websites, and is the most popular website of its kind. It’s owned by Polish company Red-Sky and was founded in 2007. Picking on FilesTube in effort to reduce piracy seems a little unfair, seeing as they are only a search engine and host no file sharing content. They are entirely legal and abide by the U.S. DMCA, honoring takedown requests when copyright issues come arise.

TorrentFreak contacted Yahoo!, who did not respond. The fact is that Yahoo! is monitoring private conversations, which is pretty disturbing, even without their actual editing of message content. Of course their intent is to stop internet piracy, which is not only futile but unethical.

If you have Yahoo! Messenger, test this out. Can you send FilesTube links? Let me know.

Photo credit Scott Beale
Photo credit SEO Worldwide