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Dell Slams Apple On Their iPad

Dell’s head of marketing, Andy Lark, has come forth to say that the Apple iPad will not succeed in the long term. He notes that although the device has been selling well, and is number one in the tablet sector, “those are just the results of the short term.” He said he was glad that Apple has built up enthusiasm and has created a market for tablets but he doesn’t see their strategies panning out, mentioning Apple’s hardware as “high price and proprietary.”

He believes that the successor will be due large in part to the Android operating system. He continues saying that Android’s operating system is idea for business uses and is the most viable option when it comes to business computing. Although Lark acknowledges that there are many key players in the tablet field, noting Samsung as a key player, he believes that Dell has a “far more diversified footprint” than the competition.

Lark then discusses the cost inconvenience of deploying iPads in the corporate world. He also claims that an iPad with a keyboard, mouse, and case will cost $1500-$1600, which is an unfounded figure. Lark said the company will stick to two operating systems: Windows 7 and Android 3.0, Honeycomb. He believes that the choice between the two operating systems is very important for consumers. Dell’s current tablet is called the Streak 7 and runs Android 2.2, Froyo, but it is good to know they are planning to upgrade!

Photo Courtesy of HighTechDad
Photo Courtesy of Dell Inc.