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Flickr Learns to Share

Flickr now has a “Share This” feature, allowing users to share photos easier with Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Previous sharing was limited to actually grabbing the link/code or on Blogger, making this a big leap in Flickr’s efforts to go social. Sharing is enabled through the “Share This” drop down menu, located in the upper left of each photo. You will even be able to share when not logged in as a Flickr user.

Flickr acknowledges the privacy issues that go hand in hand with photo sharing. To deal with this they have different privacy levels, allowing users logged in to their Flickr accounts to share private photos with friends on Facebook. However, only public content can be shared with Twitter, Tumblr, and logged out Facebook users. Sharing will also be enabled for sets, collections, and entire photo streams.

They plan on bringing these sharing features to the mobile apps, since photo sharing competition is increasing with apps like Instagram and Color. However, in regards to size of content, Flickr has nothing to worry about since at last count they had 5 billion photos.

Personally, I think this is a good move for not only Flickr, but Tumblr as well, since they are being included with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. What do you think?

Photo credit Thom Watson
Photo credit Sadie Hernandez