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Gmail’s New “Smart” Ad System

To all you reading this, how do you guys feel about keyword ads? You know, the advertisements that pop up when you’re on a website, such as a public forum, that are generated based on your keywords. For example, if you’re on a forum thread that is talking about universities, you may see an ad to “go back to school with *insert name here*.” Google has been using the same system for a number of years through their e-mail service, Gmail. What it did is it would scan your email for keywords and match that to a specific advertisement, say about cars.

Although this system usually worked well, there have been times where the system misinterpreted the content of the e-mail and displayed an ad that had little to no relevance to the user. That’s all going to change with Google’s new Gmail system. The new system will check your priority inbox to see what messages you read about the most.

For example, if you love discussing cars with your friends and sharing pictures, it will show you a lot of advertisements for cars, rather than also showing you ads for other things that may be mentioned in the e-mail. With this system in place, you are unlikely to receive ads for which you have no desire to click. The new system will be defaulted to all Gmail users, however, users may modify their settings to opt out of the feature. Although some speculate that Internet users may find the new service obtrusive, none of your personal information will be shared with anyone.

Photo Courtesy of mjmonty
Photo Courtesy of CineFil