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Google Adds +1 Button, Competes With Facebook’s Like

Today Google official launched it’s “+1” button, a way to share search results that you like with your friends and the rest of the internet. The small button will be placed next to each search result, and if you like the website just click +1 to have your opinion shared with everyone.

The “friends” aspect is interesting, since Google is not a social network (yet). The people your +1 gets shared with are Gmail chat contacts and friends on Reader and Buzz, which may or may not be an accurate representation of your online friends who’s opinions you care about.

Of course, there’s a way to harness this for financial gain. You can +1 ads, which sounds like something no one would do on purpose, so Google added a catch: if you +1 a site in the search results, and if that site has an ad then a +1 is added there as well.

Sources say in a few months +1 will move beyond Google, and you will be able to +1 specific articles, posts, and videos you like on other websites. It’ll have a place in that nifty social sharing toolbar everyone has, nestled in between the Like and Tweet buttons.

Google’s official page for it is here, and you can add it here.

I’m going to put on my conspiracy theorist hat and say this is one step closer to a Facebook-like social network for Google. What do you think?

Photo credit OZinOH
Photo credit Robert Scroble