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Google Street View Adds Historic Sites

This morning, Google has added many historic palaces, castles, and monuments to it’s street view option on Google Maps. Not only can you see the exterior of these landmarks, you can also explore the insides of several, including the Colosseum.

You can check this all out and go on all the fake travels you want here.

In addition to the historic monuments there are also tours of Hawaiian beaches, ski slopes, and soccer stadiums. Earlier this year Google released their Art Project, giving us tours of art museums around the globe. Why leave your house at all when you can see all this online instead?

Usually, street views are filmed by equipping cars with special cameras, then driving them around city streets. However, many of the places that now have street view tours cannot be accessed by car. This called for something new for filming–a tricycle outfitted with camera equipment, which you can see in the video below.

The interactive tourist landmarks are somewhere between interesting and gimmicky. I mean speaking of tourists, on quite a few street views you can see members of the khaki shorts, black socks, and sandals clan, which I think is hilarious.

Photo credit WBUR
Photo credit Kristoffer Winthur Balling