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Hewlett-Packard’s “Green” Data Research Facility

HP has recently announced the opening of a new facility that will focus on sustainable datacenter technologies. HP has collaborated with HP Labs, their central research division, and HP Critical Facilities, to build a fully equipped 50,000 sq. ft. data research center in Ft Collins, Colorado. Half of the new facility will be dedicated to a live installation that will focus on HP’s Sustainable Datacenter Project.

The datacenter project will utilize datacenter sustainability technologies from HP Labs to combat energy emission problems. Hewlett-Packard’s new facility is an excellent example of how facilities should be built in this age. If we are committed to extending our stay on this planet, we need to focus on reducing our carbon footprint, and building greener technologies is the beginning of that effort. Hewlett-Packard’s facility will include HP Labs Sandbox.

The Labs Sandbox is a datacenter housed within a datacenter and will be isolated from the larger power and cooling facilities. This will allow HP labs to begin testing their developments in greener technologies and will allow them to monitor their power consumption and cooling requirements. Researchers have expected Colorado’s climate to play a big role in cooling the new datacenter. The development of this new research center will allow HP to see how successful the new building is. If things go well, it may open up the possibilities of additional green facilities going up in the United States. I just hope we can get the ball rolling with greener buildings before it is too late. Check out Hewlett-Packard’s commercial on their green technologies.

Photo Courtesy of HDSCorp
Photo Courtesy of Loozrboy