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Tesla Sues Top Gear For False Claim

Tesla is suing Top Gear over a “false claim” made during a 2008 show. The lawsuit against the BBC network is for libel and “malicious falsehood”, claiming that Top Gear created a false portrayal of the “performance if its all-electric Roadster sports car.” Of the many ways Top Gear misrepresented the sports car, the primary problem against BBC’s top show is that the roadster can travel 200+ miles, rather than the “55 miles” depicted by Top Gear through their pedal-stomping tests. Another big issue with Tesla is when the four men pushed the roadster into a hanger because the “car’s batteries were drained.”

Tesla claims that the on-board records of the two Tesla Roadsters that Top Gear used showed that neither car’s charge dropped below the 25% mark. To go even further, Tesla mentioned that the show “lied” about the cars brakes completely failing. The reality of the matter was that the fuse for the braking system’s electrical pump blew, which had disable the car’s power brakes. To me, this sounds more an issue of semantics. Whether it was a fuse that blew or the brakes “really failing”, whatever that means, the end-result is still the same, the brakes don’t work.

It seems that what started as a valid lawsuit has reached a point where Tesla is now “fishing” for things to complain about in hopes of a bigger settlement. Tesla of course argues that since the brakes themselves actually worked, the car still passed “all necessary safety tests.” Tesla’s goal in all this is to get the word out about their cars and for people to know the “truth”, especially since the show often plays reruns. Check the video below to see the clip in question.

Photo Courtesy of e-connected
Photo Courtesy of e-connected