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Water Alarm, Never Waste Water Again!

I’m sure I am not the only one when it comes to leaving the faucet on while I brush my teeth. It’s not that I don’t care about water waste, it has usually been that I was just not paying attention. Wasting water is no light issue however, and states (such as California) are facing a water crisis so it is important to save every last drop, if possible.

What can sometimes even be more harmful to our water supply is forgetting to turn off a hose or not paying attention to a leak outdoors faucet. Since we are often distracted by other things while we do our chores, there is now a solution to our problems. A new alarm called Water Leak creates a loud warning (100dB) whenever it detects the slightest presence of water nearby. Uh oh, the Water Brigade is coming! The device works when you place it in a spot where you think leaking water will flow.

You can buy three of these alarms for a total of $20, which can be a small price to pay from larger leaks. Now for the catch, the batteries are irreplaceable so that means you will have to buy new sets, that is, if you don’t find a better plumber first! Check out the video for general information on how to setup a water alarm (not the product described in article).

Photo Courtesy of FamousLibrarian
Photo Courtesy of James Cridland