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Acer’s CEO, Lanci Drops Out

Gianfranco Lanci (pictured), the Chief Executive Officer of Acer has immediately resigned according to the company’s press release. What caused this sudden resignation? Apparently it has been going on for a number of months with disagreements between the chief exec and the board of directors. The press release also took mention of differences on “scale, growth, customer value creation, brand position enhancement, and on resource allocation and methods of implementation.”

It is quite possible that Lanci was given an ultimatum to be fired or to resign himself, but no such information was mentioned. The interim CEO, J.T. Wang stated that “the personal computer remains the core of our business. We have built up a strong foundation and will continue to expand within, especially in the commercial PC segment…In addition, we are stepping into the new mobile device market where we will invest cautiously and aim to become one of the leading players.”

Acer is well known for their PCs, including the company’s notebooks, netbooks, and desktops, which have brought in the majority of Acer’s revenue. Even though they have not focused on tablet PCs in the past, former CEO Lanci claimed that Acer wanted to overtake Apple within the next few years in the tablet world. Although some boards may commend their CEO for such aggressive plans, Lanci’s did not, and it was just one of many moves that resulted to him leaving the company. Current CEO, Wang has alternately stated the success of the iPad but like others, believes it to be a fad. Wang believes that consumers will go back to their traditional PC devices; desktops, laptops, and notebooks.

Photo Courtesy of LingoLook
Photo Courtesy of TheAcerGuy