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Apple Releases Fix For iTunes Error

Some of the people who purchased the late 2010 13-inch Macbook Air model, running on OS X 10.6.7 have discovered a bug within the latest iTunes version that causes the system to become unresponsive. The issue has been widely documented throughout Apple’s support forums with users recommend booting the laptop from safe mode to avoid the error.

Others within the forum have discovered that the problem only occurs with the 13-inch Macbook Air model with iTunes working fine on the other devices. Apple offered a fix for the iTunes bug, which was released today but gave no explanation for the issue. Apple just recommended that all Macbook Air users update their 13-inch laptop to be sure that the incident doesn’t happen to them in the future. I’ve owned a number of Apple products, mainly iPods from different generations, and have them all fail in one way or another.

I’ve also seen a large number of issues and errors with Mac hardware and software on Apple’s forums which has caused me to not give in to their world class marketing tactics and stick with other manufacturers. My hypothesis is that Apple pushes out their products too quickly on the market before doing enough testing. If they test their products for just six months more, I am sure a lot more bugs would be found. Fortunately they have good customers service, from what I’ve heard, so that should make up for any defects present in their hardware and/or software.

Photo Courtesy of PlasticPeople
Photo Courtesy of Janale1