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Introducing Samsung’s Galaxy S Plus- LEAKED!

Samsung is coming out with a new model of the Galaxy S, called the Galaxy S Plus. The new revision of the popular S tablet will have the same specs as the previous version (pictured in both photos) with some slight changes. For one, the Galaxy S Plus will be powered by 1.4GHz single core Snapdragon processor. The machine will house an Adreno 205 GPU with 512MB RAM and 8GB of on-board storage.

The new Galaxy will carry the same 4-inch AMOLED screen with WVGA at a modest 800 x 480 resolution. Users of the Galaxy S Plus will enjoy a sharp 5MP camera with HD video recording. The WiFi capabilities are current with b/g/n support as well as a GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, microSD card slot and a 3.5mm audio port.

Unlike the original, the S Plus will come with a 1650mAh battery and a metal back plate. The beautiful device will launch with the latest flavor of Google’s Android operating system, Gingerbread along with Samsung’s TouchWIZ UI 3.0. Now for the kicker, S Plus is expected to be announced in April for about $800 smackers. We are interested to see if it is really worth $800 without a contract, especially when you can get a beautiful HTC G2 for $550 retail. We are hoping that price will drop by the time it is released or that carriers will at least offer a significant savings when bundled with a 2 year contract. Hopefully the “deal” price will not exceed $249. Check out the video below to get a better feel for the device!

Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant
Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant