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LEAKED Photos And Specs of HTC Pyramid

It seems like the rumors that have been going around about HTC’s new powerhouse of a phone, came true. Leaked photos and specs of the new device, named Pyramid, have been confirmed by XDA Developers. The smartphone will be powered with a blazing fast 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 768MB RAM (which is a ton of memory for a mobile phone), a vibrant 4.3-inch qHD display, sporting a 960 x 540 resolution.

The gorgeous device will come packed with an 8MP camera and will sport Android 2.3.3, Sense 3.0. These are confirmed specs but we are still waiting to hear back about a release date or mobile carrier compatibility.

As a consumer, I find it fascinating how powerful these phones are getting. I anticipate that we will soon have cell phone processors as fast as 2Ghz by next year. Whether or not such power in a mobile device is necessary is beyond the point. It is just incredible to get a taste of tomorrow’s technology, today. As Geek.com pointed out, it will be interesting to see indeed if this new Pyramid will be able to take on the iPhone5.

Photo Courtesy of Geek.com