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Microsoft Accuses Google Of Wrong Doings

According to Electronista, Thursday was a big day for Microsoft when it complained to the European Union, accusing Google of unfair competition. Most of the complaints centered around Youtube being deliberately excluded from Bing’s search results.

Microsoft’s General Counsel, Brad Smith also hammered Google for intentionally limiting Windows Phone access to Youtube and denied them searches that only Android and iOS devices had. He argued that Google had given Apple good metadata for mobile apps but obstructed Windows Phone “on purpose” because Microsoft has a competing search engine. Further accusations against Google was that the company had blocked access to book publisher content, noting the recent court ruling that Google was not allowed to serve as an orphan book repository.

Microsoft continued to state that Google was making unfair deals that had blocked other search engines from websites and that Google was stacking the chips by hiking prices for competitors looking for ads. Google didn’t show much concern over Microsoft’s complaint, noting its complaint from the previous year. To be fair, Microsoft has also been known to abuse its monopolies for Windows and Office. We are interested to know your views in this matter. Do you think Microsoft genuinely believes Google the be fraudulent, or are these just long-term rivals lashing out at one another? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Photo Courtesy of Esparta
Photo Courtesy of Robert Scoble