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Microsoft Changes Price Plans For Its Licenses

Microsoft is raising prices of their license in exchange of giving consumers access to a new security product as well as the new Lync unified communications software. Microsoft will also be lowering the price of an enterprise license that includes better access to key Microsoft software. The client access license, also known as the Core CAL is expected to cost $10 more, however we are waiting to get official pricing from Microsoft later this year.

The $90 Core Cal package buys you access to Windows Server, Systems Center Configuration Manager, as well as standard access to SharePoint and Exchange. The added features will be Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 (as previously mentioned) and standard access to Lync will be added to the Core CAL. Client access licenses are different than server licenses in that they allow individual users to connect devices such as PCs to Microsoft server products.

As mentioned, the enterprise license will be lowered $10, making it a bit strange that they’re are changing the prices at all. I am sure they have good business statistics to back up this financial decision, however. Microsoft believes that it is important for customers to first analyze whether or not they will benefit from the entire package so that they won’t waste money on unused software. I’m curious to see whether this new price plan will affect any consumer decisions.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Conley
Photo Courtesy of Ratmandu