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Asus Will Continue Making Windows 7 Tablets

According to PCWorld, Asus will continue building Windows 7 tablets, claiming that Microsoft’s operating system is a worthy opponent to both the iOS and Android operating systems. Asus claims that they get a lot of requests from the consumer and business market for Windows 7 tablets and therefore, they will continue making them to suit the demand.

Product management specialist, Julie Cheng from Asus claims that many customers demand Windows solutions simply because that’s what they are used to and do not feel like learning a new operating system such as Android or iOS. There have also been much speculation that users who give Android or iOS a try will quickly realize that adapting to a user-friendly OS makes more sense than getting a Windows 7 tablet.

This would create a short window of “opportunity” for Microsoft and their Windows 7 tablets. Especially considering that there are many open source programs such as Open Office, that allow you to create and edit Microsoft documents without needing to pay for any software. We are entering a world with more options, and Microsoft/Apple no longer have the upper hand with their expensive productivity software. I’ve used Open Office a number of times for college assignments, and I must say, it gets the job done without costing me a penny. How do you feel about Windows tablets? Are you a fan of Android or iOS, or would you prefer owning a Windows device? Check out the Asus commercial and let us know what your favorite OS is.

Photo Courtesy of Dell’s Official Flickr
Photo Courtesy of Connectologist