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IEEE Approves WiMax-2 Blazing Speeds

According to PCWorld, The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers has approved IEEE 802.16m, the next generation of WiMax. Expected speeds of this new technology are greater than 300M bits per second. If you’re unfamiliar with WiMax technology, the term stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is a telecommunications protocol that provides both fixed and mobile Internet access.

The current revision provides up to 40M bits per second. The IEEE 802.16m is also termed WirelessMAN-Advanced or WiMax-2. It has been reported that the new standard was four years in the making. The new 4G networks with Long-Term Evolution share similar technology to WiMax. Samsung demonstrated a pre-standard 802.16m network that reached speeds of 330M bits per second at the CEATAC trade show in Tokyo of last year.

The new standard will also work with current WiMax technologies, which is some what of a relief. Last year the International Telecommunication Union formally recognized 802.16m as true 4G technology. Although this technology will not be anywhere near as fast as the LTE-Advanced speeds of 1,000M bits per second, or 1G bps, it will still be over seven times faster than current speeds. I am glad to see faster speeds, but will admit that what I am truly waiting for is LTE-Advanced, set to come out in 2014.

Photo Courtesy of ImagineWiMax
Photo Courtesy of Intel CES