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Samsung And Visa Bring NFC To London 2012 Olympics

Samsung and Visa are currently in talks about a partnership delivering NFC mobile payment technology for the London 2012 Olympics. Both companies are considering rolling an Olympics and Paralympics Games handset in London that will be specially equipped with the new NFC technology. The new phone will work with a Visa payment application and a special SIM card. The consumer will be able to make a purchase with the phone by opening the Visa application and holding it in front of a special contactless reader.

London currently has 60,000 contactless readers in place and VISA is working hard with banks and retailers to make that number even larger. Samsung and VISA sponsored athletes will be among the first to get their hands on the new phone, with consumers later able to buy the phone through their local carriers. There are currently no details on the phone in terms of specs, design, or pricing, but it is a positive sign that the “NFC fireball” is rolling and gaining popularity.

Perhaps we just need a big event like the Olympics to trigger the mobile payment revolution. Near-field communications may even cause consumers to no longer need their wallets, especially if we can someday carry our drivers license cards within our cell phones. Of course, technology that contains such personal information would need to be equipped with a state-of-the-art security system in the event of theft. We have placed a Samsung phone and a picture of an RFID device, neither of which is directly related to the product mentioned in the article.

Photo Courtesy of Aaronage
Photo Courtesy of alexstaubo