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No Support For Windows 8 Live ID?

According to GeekSmack’s sources, Microsoft’s current builds of Windows 8 do not offer any type of support for Windows Live ID. Windows Live is a service that allows you to login and enjoy the use of multiple services. For example, Xbox users can use their Windows Live account to log in to their profile on a personal computer, even if they normally use the same account to play on their Xbox 360.

This reportedly confirms Manan Kakkar, Microsoft’s blogger that the feature likely does not exist, as it cannot be found anywhere in MS’s new operating system. Reports that this feature did in fact exist had come from innocent speculation after sites were tipped off with screenshots of the bottom right taskbar, assuming that the Live ID was also there. What is actually shown, however, is the user’s Windows account picture.

The picture can be clicked, allowing the individual to switch users, log off, lock the PC, as well as making changes to “User Accounts”. Although it is possible that Microsoft will later integrated Live IDs with Windows 8, there is currently no support in released builds. It is also possible that Microsoft will be switching to a new type of service that is backwards compatible with Windows Live, allowing current users to use the new software with their old accounts. We have yet to see whether this will pan out, but it is one speculation.

Photo Courtesy of Niall Kennedy
Photo Courtesy of Nacquatella