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Apple iPod Nano Will Have Camera — Leaked Photo

apple ipod nano cameraThe Chinese blog Apple.pro reported that Apple may be putting a camera into its seventh-generation iPod nano while keeping the current size and high res display. The latest generation iPod nano has video recording and video playback but no camera.

The unverified photo was published around April fools day and its creating allot of buzz. The blog that released the photo is known for obtaining and leaking accurate information about Apple’s products in the past. However, what is strange is that its just one photo so nobody is sure whether is a legitimate leak.

Assuming the casing is a real and Apple does release a camera with its newer iPod nano devices, we still don’t know how much memory it will have or the speed of its processors. If you do know or hear this information we would greatly appreciate if you can let us know.

It’s possible that Apple will challenge upcoming Android music players so the new iPod Nano will probably arrive before the Christmas season. And yes, I’ve already added it to my gift list because its a nice device with a camera, very small.

Here is an unboxing video of the iPod nano (6G) sixth generation version. The leaked photo is for the (7G) seventh generation iPod nano.