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Apple Store Shootout Over Laptops, iPhones and iPads

Three individuals attempted a robbery this morning at one of San Diego’s Apple Stores. The attempted crime took place at 7AM in the Otay Ranch Town Center in Chula Vista today. Even though the store had not yet opened, the three robbers smashed through the glass front door. Thankfully, the armed guard that was hired by Apple showed up on time that morning and was ready to protect the store from these bandits. A shoot out emerged once the guard saw the armed suspects.

The three robbers finally decided to take off with the Acura they showed up in and hit two sign posts before coming to a complete stop. Although there were original three suspects, only two fled the car as one of them was dead from the guard’s bullets. Thanks to a thorough police search, the remaining man and woman was found just an hour later in an alley.

The man was found shot in the buttocks but still alive. The suspects were correctly identified by Apple Store staff and are undergoing criminal charges. I’m just glad those burglars were caught and will be brought to justice. I have never seen a guard in an Apple store, but I am glad that there was security at the store, ready to deal with any trouble. I hope that all stores take this morning’s incident as a reminder to stay cautious and alert.

Photo Courtesy of Webmacster87
Photo Courtesy of las-initially