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GameStop Announces Gaming Tablet And Streaming Service

The popular game store, GameStop, has recently announced their plans to offer a game streaming service to tablet PCs. Users who are interested in the service can sign up with GameStop’s rewards program that runs on a similar strategy as Blockbuster and Tower Records. This announcement went public just shortly after GameStop had purchased Spawn Labs. The company has decided to allow Spawn Labs to take over GameStop’s cloud gaming service.

The game retailer also announced plans of releasing GameStop tablets in their retail stores, that is, if the game streaming service is a successful move. I’m not too sure GameStop can develop a tablet that can compete with the current Ipad 2 and company. Although, I do realize the potential of GameStop’s success if the company releases a “gaming tablet” that has a significantly better graphics processor, a competitive price, and a smooth game service.

At this point, it is too difficult to predict whether this will be a wise move or a careless one, given the recent surge in tablets that have taken the computer industry by storm. I just hope they make a strong effort to test both their hardware and software significantly before an official release. Firefox 5 and Windows 8 seem branded all too well in my mind. I think there are plenty of examples of companies rushing to get their products to the market, without putting much thought into testing, or testing into thought.

Photo Courtesy of Adam
Photo Courtesy of JeffHillPhoto