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UK Survey Gets The Scoop On iPhone Users

According to the Inquirer, an intrusive UK survey published by Yougov offered some interesting insights on iPhone users. The survey examined 2,000 UK citizens, and discovered that 66% of respondents admitted to owning a mobile phone, with a third of the sample admitted to owning a smartphone. The survey was funded by the banking software firm, IE.

Upon examining personal information, the firm found that iPhone users were “most likely to spend themselves into the red side of their bank account, while Blackberry users were least likely to buy applications.” This finding is interesting because it offers possible insights into the psychology of mobile users. Perhaps Blackberry owners are mainly looking for functionality, while iPhone owners are looking more for a toy to play with. A reported 18% of iPhone users were discovered to be “often in overdraft”, in comparison to UK’s 12% national average.

This suggests that iPhone users may live beyond their means when it comes to the fine luxuries in life. Another 18% of the participants were found to spend at least four hours a day using their iPhone, and it makes you wonder if this is the same 18% that over indulge themselves with software/hardware. In contrast, only 4% of Android and Blackberry users claimed the four hour mark. Another interesting tidbit discovered by the survey was that iPhone users were most likely to earn under £20,000 while Blackberry users commonly earned upwards of £50,000.

Photo Courtesy of Wicker_Man
Photo Courtesy of Leo Reynolds