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5th Generation iPod (Leaked Photos!)

What looks like the next iPod Touch has been spotted, and while the home button has not been completely removed, it appears to be a touch sensor, finally staying true to its name. Some are wondering whether this next-gen iPod sheds any light on what the next iPhone might look like. Although we don’t have detailed specs in regards to battery life or software tweaks, the iPod is rumored to come in 64GB and 128GB models, which is a massive amount of storage. With that kind of storage, it would make sense to opt for a higher music output quality. Aside from the massive jump in disk drive space, there doesn’t seem to be anything much new about this version of the iPod Touch, which may be a good thing! Also 9to5Mac believe that the photos are fake, but my gut is telling me otherwise. Let us know if you think this is the real deal or just a really good April fools joke.

Photo Courtesy of Sean Choe
Photo Courtesy of 9to5Mac