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New AMD 32nm Llano APU

AMD has announched its new 32nm Llano platform version (not pictured) of its Fusion Accelerated Processing unit (APU). Although the chips have started shipping, consumers are warned not to expect it in their new laptops and PCs at this time. AMD has finally shed their 40 nanometer chip size and thanks to the company’s chip manufacturer, GlobalFoundries, they have been able to get high quality 32nm chip yields. Geek.com notes that AMD’s Brazos E-Series APU “looks like a great alternative to an Intel Atom solution and only uses 36 watts of power…even with a DirextX 11-compatible Radeon HD graphics chip running.”

Users will also be able to enjoy a fanless option if they value silence over cooling, or something I consider peace of mind. The new platform was designed to compete against Intel’s i3 core chips, although the power will expect to increase between 50-100 watts. There are currently no tech specs available for AMDs A-series but we are expected to find out more information at Computex 2011 in June. I have never been a huge fan of AMD, but I do acknowledge that they offer good value for “budget builders” or people who want to build a computer without paying top dollar. Even being the Intel fanboy that I am, I will give credit to AMD for finally shrinking down to the 32nm chip size. Check out the video below to see AMD talking about their Llano APU.

Photo Courtesy of ddrmaxgt37
Photo Courtesy of Brandon R NZ