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New Flavor Of Puppy Linux Is Released

Linux launched a new flavor of their OS on Saturday, version 5.2.5 of the Lucid Puppy Linux Distribution, also known as “Lupu.” The newest addition to this software is version 4.1.0 of the Bash shell, a replacement for the previous version’s Bash 3. Also to be replaced is the Syslinux 3 with a fresher copy of the bootloader, and a new window manager called JWM 500 replacing version 493. The update also refreshes the Gnumeric spreadsheet software. With the new Puppy Linux distro, there are more themes and more programs available through the “Puppy Package Manager.”

The update supposedly also makes improvements towards the operating systems’ sound capabilities. According to Distrowatch, Pupply Linux is the ninth most popular Linux distribution, and it available for download as a 128MB .iso file. The iso is bootable from portable media such as LiveCDs, zip disks, USB drives, and hard drives. Boot time is expected to take no more than 40 seconds with the OS detecting most hardware. Puppy Linux would be the ideal OS for someone looking for a “no-frills” OS that is minimal in size and does the job, without adding any unnecessary freeware to your computer. Users can install the new Linux operating system as dual-boot for their current Windows hard drive if they just want to test out the software. Take a look at the video to see what Puppy Linux looks like.

Photo Courtesy of LetsLearnLinux
Photo Courtesy of Mavrothal