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Sent Message To The Wrong Person? Click ‘Undo Send’

Have you ever sent an e-mail or a text message to the wrong person? I know I’ve made the mistake a number of times. Although you’re still on your own when it comes to texting blunders, Google has created a feature called “Undo Send” that gives you a five second window to retract an e-mail you had just sent. You can enable or disable the feature under Gmail’s settings/labs within your Gmail account.

Obviously you should still be proofreading your emails before sending them out and making sure they are heading to the right person, but “undo send” is a great way of utilizing those “ah, shoot” moments right after you send something. I’m guessing Google employees have a number of those moments; whether it rises from having too much coffee or wanting to communicate with others as quickly as possible, being able to modify your message is nice.

Another service to implement a similar “erase button” is Skype. With Skype, you’re given an hour to edit or remove a message you have posted. Users can still see the message immediately once you hit that send button, but if they are away from their desks, you still have a window of opportunity to retract your profession of love (perhaps?) towards them. You will however, need some type of excuse for removing a message because there will be a notification in the chat windows stating that a message has been removed. I am glad that these features are being implemented in messaging systems but at the same time wonder why this did not happen many years earlier.

Photo Courtesy of Pouwerkerk