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Rumor: iPhone 5 Will Come This Summer

According to CNN, a South Korean news site has reported that Apple plans to release the iPhone 5 at the end of June. The translation was done by MacRumors site on ETNews.co.kr and the site claims that Apple has confirmed the time frame to be in stores on June 26th. This conflicts with the information from Apple’s manufacturer located in China, that the parts have not yet been ordered.

CNN also questions whether Apple would really confirm a release date, since they are usually secretive about future releases. Another suspicious element to the rumor is that the South Korean website claims that the iPhone 5 will be released both in South Korea and the United States on the same date. This differs from the previous 3 month gap experienced by the release of the iPhone 4. To go further, the South Korean report was released on April 1. Of course, people hear what they want to hear, and news of the rumor sparked much excitement for Apple fans around the world. Although previous iPhones all had June releases, Apple has specifically said that they will center their Worldwide Developers Conference on software, and not hardware. Apple has not yet commented on the release rumor.

Photo Courtesy of Sigalokos
Photo Courtesy of Kevin T Houle