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Run Android Apps On Your Desktop

Bluestacks now lets users run their favorite Android applications on any x86-based Windows PC. Interestingly enough, Apple’s latest operating system, Lion, also promises to bring many features from the iPhone operating system to the Mac. If those two sentences didn’t surprise you, Hewlett-Packard will be following the trend by bringing WebOS of their Pre line to PCs.

The purpose in bringing these mobile apps to the “comfort” of your desktop is to be able to use easy-to-use and often intuitive apps right at your home or office. Research in Motion may also be headed the same path, but we have no definitive news at this time. The software also handles touch interfaces as well as mouse input so users can interact with their applications. I believe what this means is that those who want to play their mobile version of Angry Birds on their desktop can do so by using the mouse to control the characters “destination.” Maybe this is the next step in the tech era where devices and software can interact so easily with one another that unheard of possibilities may emerge. This news should be exciting to all enthusiasts, whether computer or mobile, or just people who enjoy their technology!

Photo Courtesy of Ben Dodson
Photo Courtesy of LifesSweetDrug