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Yelp Reaches 50 Million Users

Yelp has been the “go to” place for many years. When I first started using the service four years ago, I would only check out restaurants that were a far distance from me, in effort to save myself from any disappointment. Since then, I have “evolved” to use Yelp to check out 90% or more of the businesses and restaurants I go to. I will admit that not all ratings were accurate, and have been duped a couple times into walking into bland American restaurants, but it’s a small price to pay for all the other times Yelp has been right. Yelp started in 2004, and has passed 50 million monthly unique users yesterday, according to their internal Google Analytics, up from 46 million the month before.

They have a total of 17 million reviews for venues all over the world. I am happy to see Yelp enjoy its successful pursuits, but hope that the company does not get complacent. Complacency results in companies slipping towards or below average, and that will slowly decay the business. I will admit though, that Yelp has covered more businesses and restaurants with more reviews than any other website offering similar reviews, and I will give credit for that. What do you use Yelp for? Everything? Drop us a few lines in the comments section.

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Photo Courtesy of Yelp
Photo Courtesy of Mary Hodder