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Z-Boost METRO Fixes Poor Cell Phone Service

For many people, it is hard to get a good cell phone signal in their own home. This is made more of a burden when the person does not have access to a “higher area” such as a rooftop to plant a high-gain antenna. Fortunately, the Z-Boost METRO YX-540 (not pictured) helps solve that problem. The device makes use of a window-mounted antenna and is designed to enhance weaker cell signals to improve call quality and reliability.

The signal booster is compatible with all wireless carries in the U.S. using 800 & 1900 MHz except Nextel/iDEN or 4G, 2100MHz phones. It was optimized for iPhones and tested on the iPhone 3, 3GS, and 4. In order to find the “best window” for installation, Z-Boost recommends visiting your exterior windows while holding your cell phone against each window and observing the signal strength.

Wooden windows are preferred since metal interferes with the signal. The user then is asked to place the receiver at the highest point on the best window, affixed with the supplied plastic cups. After connected the coax and power supply cables, simply check the status light to see if it is green or red. Keep in mind that a green light doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the best signal boost, so be ready to test different areas in your home to determine optimal placement. The Z-Boost Metro is priced at $299.99 but you can find the signal booster for as low as $190 on Amazon.com. Take a look at the video for more information!

Photo Courtesy of Pouwekerk
Photo Courtesy of Lingnik