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Evoluce Connects Kinect To Windows (Video Proof!)

Evoluce is a German firm that offers gesture control computing with a natural user experience. They offer powerful three dimensional depth-sensing technologies, coupled with intelligent software to produce direct and intuitive interfaces. This allows a wide range of possibilities for gamers, consumers, businesspeople, teachers, and folks in the medical industry. The latest generation of Evoluce large format displays offers true multitouch and precise gesture control performance.

Evoluce has once again impressed tech consumers all around the world when they ported an Xbox Kinect to Windows, via its new product, Win&I. This feat allows a person to stand up to 4m away from the screen and move the Windows cursor using basic hand gestures. You can order the product in two different versions, Home or Business, and you can pick it up for 20 and 40 euros, respectively. It seems the Business version supports Microsoft Office. I have to admit that this looks like one piece of technology that shouldn’t be passed up by anyone who already has an Xbox Kinect, and if you don’t, well, maybe this is more incentive to go out and make that purchase! Be sure to check out the video to learn more about this innovative product and let us know your thoughts below!

Photo Courtesy of Creative Tools
Photo Courtesy of Erik Eckel