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Hulu’s Plot For World Domination

Although Hulu was originally met with skepticism when they launched their paid subscription service, Hulu Plus, Hulu’s price drop towards the end of 2010 has been a strategic move on the company’s part. In a blog post summarizing the company’s results for Q1, 2011, Jason Kilar (CEO of Hulu) said that Hulu is on track to have over a million subscribers in 2011.

Kilar went further in saying that the goal would make Hulu the fastest growing online content distribution website in history. Kilar says that Hulu is expected to come close to $500 million in revenue during 2011, nearly doubling their revenue of the previous year. The company has also announced that their advertising is up by more than 50% and have many organizations waiting to dive on the advertising bandwagon.

Hulu is currently competing against Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Google. The company was founded as a joint partnership between NBC and News Corp, with Jason Kilar given the reigns of the company’s future. How do you feel about Hulu? Do you use the service to catch up on your latest shows, or is more of a “go to” place when you are bored and are looking for some amusing content?

Photo Courtesy of George Arriola
Photo Courtesy of Ilya