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Lego Camera Takes Real Photos!

According to PCWorld, Photographer Cary Norton has created a fully-functional large-format camera that is made almost completely from Lego bricks (besides the lens and a piece of sanded plexiglass).

The camera, called Legotron, shoots 4×5 plates and comes with a 127mm lens. We cannot begin to express how cool this is to have a camera made of all types of Lego pieces. Check out the video below to see how the camera body is built from a Lego Technic set, and the “automation apparatus–which controls the shutter, winds the film (yes, film), and monitors the ambient light among other tasks–uses Lego Mindstorms components.” Do functional Lego creations like these inspire you? Are there any other gadgets or gizmos that you would like to see come to life through Lego bricks? Let us know what you think below, you might just be the inspiration for the next do-it-yourself Lego builder! Located below are the locations of the camera’s essential functions.

Photo Courtesy of PCWorld
Photo Courtesy of PCWorld