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Nintendo 3DS Makes Gamers Feel Sick, Literally

Thousands of Nintendo 3DS users have reported side-effects such as dizziness, nausea, and headaches after playing with their 3DS players. Some of the users are outraged after finding out that they were ineligible for a refund which retails for about $250. The 3DS was launched just ten days ago. The Nintendo 3DS works by using a device called a parallax barrier, which is the second LCD screen that sits over the main panel, consisting of a layer of precision slits. These precision slits allow each eye to see a different set of pixels, creating three dimensional depth. It is intended to work with the user sitting in a fixed point in front of the image, but not from an angle.

A Nintendo spokesman claimed that “When viewing any kind of 3D images, including movies and on TV, some people might experience minor discomfort.” The spokesman continued to say that the effects were short term and have no lasting effect, claiming that users can continue playing after taking a break. The Nintendo gadget features a built-in motion sensor, three cameras, and can double as a pedometer. Nintendo’s main selling point of the device was to be able to enjoy three dimensional gaming without having a need to wear special 3D glasses.

Interestingly enough, Nintendo released a health warning in February when the console was first launched. Nintendo said that children under six years of age should not use the device in 3D mode because it may harm their eyesight. The company further recommended that players take a break at least every thirty minutes to avoid eye fatigue. Nintendo explained that young children do not have fully developed eye muscles, and may have their eyes grow incorrectly as adults, requiring that they wear corrective vision. As a consumer, it kind of makes you wonder at what expense do they release cutting-edge technology? What may look great on paper may not be the wisest choice for the user’s health. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo follows through with such complaints, especially given the fact that the device was only released ten days ago.

Photo Courtesy of Dekuwa
Photo Courtesy of Redoxkun
Photo Courtesy of Eltman