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Office 2011 Service Pack Coming Soon!

Microsoft will be releasing the first service pack for Office 2011 suite. According to the Microsoft Office blog, the most significant upgrade will be Outlook 2011’s compatibility with OS X Sync. This will allow synchronization of Outlook calendars, contacts, and tasks with other apps. According to the Senior Director of Office Product Management, Microsoft had hoped to include synchronization support for the initial Office 2011 release, but they discovered that the feature was harder to implemented than first expected.

In the meantime, the feature was one of the top requests asked by Office 2011 consumers. It is interesting to note that while Microsoft was working to implement this feature in their software, Apple had announced that MobileMe would no longer work with Sync services. This comes as a major disappointment to users who were expecting to use the sync feature with their iPhone via MobileMe. What these users will now have to do is sync through iTunes. Other tweaks in the service pack include support for Exchange-based server side rules and new redirect and resend buttons in the e-mail software. The first service pack will be released next week although a specific date has not yet been confirmed. Check out the video below to learn how to install Office 2011 for Mac.

Photo Courtesy of Kreep
Photo Courtesy of Ben Dodson