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Office Desk Espresso Machine With PIXIE

Have you ever thought about impressing your co-workers with home brewed espresso made straight at your desk? Nestle Nespresso now has a capsule-based espresso maker called PIXIE that allows you to make a single cup of espresso right at your desk while you get up to speed on your emails. Using the machine is very simple. After loading water in the tank, you will have to insert an ingredient capsule, put a mug under the spout and wait for your delicious beverage to be consumed by the cup!

The correct temperature takes just under 25 seconds for proper brewing and uses 40% less energy than similar sized coffee makers. Unfortunately, like all espresso machines, it is on the expensive side for your ordinary coffee drinker at $249.95. You can buy the machine at Williams Sonoma. Don’t forget that while $250 initially seems expensive, it comes out to be about 70 cents a day for an entire year. Once the machine pays for itself, imagine how much money you will be saving from those expensive coffee shops, and even worse, the time it takes to wait in line for your morning fix! Check out the videos below and tell us what you think about this portable powerhouse!

Photo Courtesy of Phablife
Photo Courtesy of Jan Role