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Seagate Introduces World’s Slimmest Hard Drive

Seagate has impressed the world again with it’s new 2.5-inch hard disk drive that the company claims is the world’s slimmest. The external hard drive is called the GoFlex Slim and measures out to be only 9mm think. The introduction of this external hard drive should be testament that hard drives continue to evolve as technology itself evolves, becoming faster, larger, and more affordable.

Users can purchase a 320GB version of this beautiful drive for just under $100 on Seagate’s website and at certain online retailers. The device can be used together with any laptop, netbook, tablet, or desktop computer and is 38% thinner than the current GoFlex drives. With the width measuring out to be about the thickness of a pencil, you can fit this portable drive anywhere for storage on the go!

The Hard Disk Drive runs on a 7200 RPM drive and a USB 3.0 interface for blazing fast transfer speeds. You can also use the external HDD with Windows and Macs, although a special Mac version will be available for OS X computers, and will be fully compatible with Apple’s Time Machine backup software. Again, with 320GB of storage space, you won’t need to worry about deleting stuff from the drive to make room for more, at least not for a long while! Check the video below to see what the previous models look like.

Photo Courtesy of Engadget
Photo Courtesy of Engadget