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Beta Testing Open For New TweetDeck

For all the Twitter gurus, there is a new beta for Tweetdeck that is essentially Tweetdeck + 5HTML. If you are unfamiliar with what TweetDeck is, it is basically just a personal browser that allows you to connect with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Linkedin, making it the ultimate tool in social media. The new 5HTML web application was created to bring the Chrome web Tweetdeck app to other web platforms. The application is built on the same core as Chrome Tweetdeck, on the same user interface, and contains many of the same features.

The biggest difference is that TweetDeck Web doesn’t use Twitter streaming. TweetDeck Web is a standalone website that doesn’t require a download, app stores, nor is it limited to a specific browser. The new web application supports Chrome, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4, Safari, and have support in the near future for Opera and Internet Explorer 9, you know, the less important browsers. If you’re interested to help with TweetDeck’s new HTML5 app, you can do so with your TweetDeck account by joining the beta testing program @ www.tweetdeck.com/webbeta. Let us know if you plan on signing up for the beta and helping the Twitter community!

Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid
Photo Courtesy of Laughing Squid