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Dell Spends 1 Billion Towards Improving Technology

Dell is rolling out the big dollars to improve its data storage products designed to serve business customers. They will be spending $1 billion dollars on cloud computing and virtualization research, as well as towards the development of new data centers. The company announced the investment at a company sponsored event in Beijing on Thursday.

Dell has been expanding its PC and server business to serve higher-end data storage needs. This recent plan for investment follows the company’s 2010 decision to acquire storage vendors, Compellent and Ocarina Networks. The data centers previously mentioned will specifically be 22 global solution centers. The centers will be implemented to develop a large range of products that cover data storage technologies, such as the aforementioned cloud computing, as well as virtualization and convergence.

President for large enterprise units, Paul Bell said, “Overall we are seeing that our customers are excited about the possibilities that these technologies bring,” Bell said. “They also come to us with questions about how to take advantage of these developments in technologies, how to harness them and make them valuable for their employees and their customers.” Construction of ten global solution centers should be complete by July of this year with the other 12 following in the middle of 2012. Dell also mentioned that part of the investment will go to the development of new data centers, adding to Dell’s existing 36 data centers, some of which are located in China. Check out the videos below to see what Dell’s datacenters look like!

Photo Courtesy of Chris Dag
Photo Courtesy of The Planet