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Google Invests $5 Million In Solar Technology

It has been reported that Google spent $5 million on a 18.7MW solar power plant near Berlin, Germany. Google partnered up with a private German company called Capital stage and will only have 49% of the stake. The solar plant is 116 acres and is designed to provide clean energy to over 5,000 households in the area. Google has backed renewable energy projects for a number of years but this is the first time they have branched out of the country.

Nothing was mentioned in terms of what Google’s incentive might be in this investment but I think it is an actionable response to President Obama’s request to “be bigger” in his State of the Union address. As a consumer, I am happy to see a company as big as Google taking this step towards a greener planet. I hope other companies follow Google’s lead. We live on a beautiful planet but if we want to continue our stay for future generations, it is important to act fast and hard before it is too late. I hope to see more investments such as this one happening in the near future. Check out the video below for more on this news.

Photo Courtesy of WorklifeSiemens
Photo Courtesy of YangandYun