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Google Social Strategy Attempt: Hold Everyone Accountable

According to BusinessInsider, Google’s CEO Larry Page sent out a memo to employees on Friday explaining how 25% of their annual bonuses will now be tied to how well Google pushes out its social strategy in the coming year. Page went further to say “this is a joint effort so it’s important that we all get behind it.” He said that employees that are not directly involved in social media will still have their bonuses determined by the same standard of those who are. Page wants all Googlers to push out their social media products to “friends and family.”

He wants his employees to test the products and provide feedback on them for improvement. This may be tough for others but it should no doubt be incentive for employees to work harder to get Google on track to becoming social. At least with this new “incentive”, Google employees will begin thinking with a “social stamp” on their foreheads while working on their normal routines. Some speculate that Google will use the recommendations to improve the current search results produced by their trademark engine. In a world dominated by Facebook and Twitter, it is probably wise that Google hops on the wagon of all things social media, if they want to remain the tech leader that they are. I’m sure the last thing they want happening is to become another “Microsoft.” Take a look at the social media strategy chart below!

Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid
Photo Courtesy of NiallKennedy
Photo Courtesy of IntersectionConsulting