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Hewlett-Packard Sues Former Executive, Adrian Jones

According to Reuters, Hewlett-Packard is suing a former high-ranking executive who had recently left the company to join HP’s rival, Oracle. HP claims that Adrian Jones stole hundred of documents from HP to share with Oracle. Adrian Jones was the former head of enterprise sales for the Asia region, and was accused of stealing documents and e-mails on a USB drive that contained valuable information about HP’s products and customers.

HP also said in the lawsuit that they almost fired Jones in February after discovering his relationship with a subordinate and false expense claims. Jones resigned before any action was taken and shortly joined Oracle. The lawsuit requires that Jones return all stolen documents as well as charge the suspect for damages.

After Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle became a solid competitor in the “server” space and an opponent towards Hewlett-Packard. The case is called Hewlett-Packard Co v Adrian M Jones, number 111-CV-198103 in the Superior Court of California, Count of Santa Clara. I am curious how much money HP will get out of this, assuming that the company’s accusations are correct. I also wonder how HP will know for sure that Jones didn’t copy any data before returning the files, in fact, I don’t even know there is a way to check for that beyond a thorough, warranted search.

Photo Courtesy of icrn
Photo Courtesy of thebest