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HTC Beats Nokia By 1 Billion Dollars

I would say that Nokia was “the phone” for business users in the 90s and early 2000s. There was something about Nokia back then that felt professional and “back to the basics.” Unfortunately, as the years progressed and as smartphones grew more technologically advanced hardware-wise, couple with more intuitive software, Nokia kept falling further away from the pack. Their antiquated software, Symbian has put such weight and strain on their attractive hardware that consumers stay away and focus on manufacturers that place value on both elements of a good phone; hardware AND software. I think the Nokia E73 Mode is a perfect example of a beautiful piece of hardware coupled with a pixelated and bitter tasting Symbian.

Well, it is finally evident that Nokia is miles away form the herd because HTC is now worth $33.8 billion dollars, surpassing Nokia by $1 billion dollars. Although HTC previously enjoyed its sales on the buggy and laggy Windows Mobile OS, it has switched to Android since then. It seems that Android was a pretty significant milestone for HTC. I remember HTC always having beautiful phones, but the moment I actually started working with Windows Mobile, I was met with bugs left and right. Fortunately, with Android, I finally have an OS that just works. I am curious to know what HTC plans on brewing up with their upcoming tablet lineup. If they can design phones this nice, I am almost certain their tablets will be equally gorgeous. Take a look at some of their commercials below to see how the company’s marketing may have played a large role in its success!

Photo Courtesy of Richard Stowey
Photo Courtesy of Isriya