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MacBook Air To Get New Intel Processor

According to TheTechJournal, Intel plans to launch its ultra low voltage Sandy Bridge CPU for the next generation MacBook Air. The new processors would replace the current core i7 680UM version which comes as a 1.46GHz clock speed, giving a maximum of 2.53GHz through turbo boost. While this upgrade isn’t a major one, the 1.46GHz will be raised to 1.6GHz and the turbo boost will be raised nearly 200MHz to 2.7GHz with the Sandy Bridge in place.

The core i7 2657M still has two cores and four threads along with 4MB of cache memory. It also uses Intel HD 3000 graphics integrated into the process itself with a front system bus of 1333MHz. The CPU is expected to launch in Q2 of this year. The MacBook Airs released in that time frame are sure to get the snappy 2657M i7 processor. With a faster processor, are you more likely to purchase a MacBook Air or is it just frosting on the cake at this point? Personally, I think the upgrade is too minute for any Mac owners to upgrade their MacBooks. I would be much more interested in Apple offering double the RAM for the same price, if that could ever be an option. Check out the video below to see on of the very first reviews of the MacBook Air shortly after its first release!

Photo Courtesy of CA RO
Photo Courtesy of ConnorsMac